Howto Fix Invalid Argumen Supplied for Foreach Joomla Template Error

- Mei 09, 2015
I am working with Joomla 3 template using XAMPP for Windows. When trying the template, I got an error 

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ... plugins\system\helix\shortcodes\column.php on line 32 

How to fix it?

In your template folder, create a new folder called "shortcodes" (if it doesn't exist) %your templatefolder%/shortcodes/column.php

In the "shortcodes" folder, copy the column.php from the Helix framework.

Open the newly copied file then look for the line add_shortcode( 'row', 'row_sc' ); and replace with add_shortcode( 'sprow', 'row_sc' ); and save the file.Now, in order to use column shortcode you must need to use [sprow] instead of [row] in your article.

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Hope this helping me and You




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