The zdienos blog is a collection of my personal notes and a some tutorial about blogging, SEO, networking, proxy, windows, linux, macosx, programming, hardware, software and more.

This blog is such as the documentation material for all the knowledge that I have learned. So, if one day I forget it can be easier because I have posted it and just need to open this blog.

I hope all the articles that posted on this blog can be of particular benefit to me and generally to all of you as loyal readers of this blog, I also expect feedback from all of you. I hope the feedback can be in the form of questions, criticisms, and suggestions that you can submit on the comments column of each blog post.

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  1. Permisi gan, punya pin bb atau no. Wa ga gan?
    Azhar BSD

  2. to All, sorry gak punya BBM, mail aja ke [email protected]



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